In September 2014, in an effort to increase student engagement and hands on learning opportunities, Runnymede CI introduced a new program called STELL@R (Science, Technology, Engineering, Logic & Literacy at Runnymede CI).

This Grade 9 and 10 program is aimed at reaching students who don’t feel fully engaged within a traditional classroom setting. STELL@R runs as a non-semestered (all year) class during periods 1 and 2 for Grade 9 students and Period 3 & 4 for Grade 10 students where Math, Science, English and Computer Technology are integrated into a seamless curriculum.  Students are engaged in hands-on approaches of learning where they are given opportunities to design and implement solutions to real-world challenges through project-based instruction. At the end of the school year, if successful, STELL@R students would receive the same credits as any other student.

In 2015, the Stell@R program was expanded into Grade 10. Current Grade 9 students who are interested, are able to enter the the Grade 10 program; (as long as they have achieved their Grade 9 credits) any parents who would like more information about this can contact us via our email ( or

Even better, parents are encouraged to come in to Runnymede and drop by our STELL@R room and talk with us in person.  It might help to see our large 21st century classroom, which features computers, Ipads, a state-of-the-art projection and sound system as well as other equipment we base our activities on.

We look forward to hearing from and meeting you,

Scott and Daniella

Click here to see a sample letter to the parents of students who are entering the STELL@R program.