Runnymede Collegiate Institute Alumni

In 2002, as an outcome of Runnymede’s 75th Anniversary Reunion celebrations, reunion planning committee members expressed an interest in establishing an Alumni Committee as part of an effort to continue Runnymede connections and to plan future alumni events.

Alumni Committee Members:

President :

John Maniezzo
416 231-2090


Ray Moscoe
416 652-6363

School Principal:

Paul Edwards
416 394-3200

Teacher Rep

Runnymede Collegiate Alumni Recognition Award

The monies raised during the 75th Anniversary Reunion in 2002 have allowed the Runnymede Alumni to introduce a yearly Runnymede Collegiate Alumni Recognition Award of two hundred and fifty dollars presented to a graduating student at Commencement.

Alumni Recognition Award Criteria:

  • A graduating student
  • A hard working student
  • A student who gets along with others and is a positive mentor
  • A good citizen of the school and in the community
  • A student with a positive attitude and who has contributed in a positive wayto the life of Runnymede.
  • The contribution criterion should not be limited to Athletics or Scholastic ability

Runnymede Alumni Fund

Former students wishing to contribute to the Runnymede Alumni Fund may contact:Runnymede Alumni Treasurer, Ray Moscoe at

Contributions help to support and to recognize the achievements and successes of our eligible students.

Runnymede Wall of Fame

In May 2002, the Runnymede 75th Anniversary Reunion Committee introduced the Runnymede Wall of Fame to recognize and honour former graduates who have made significant contributions in some aspect of society: the sciences, business, professional sports, arts, media, and other fields.

This initiative has continued and each year, Runnymede recognizes a former Runnymede graduate who has achieved success and pushed the limits of his/her field.

The Wall of Fame has added significantly to our current students’ appreciation for the school’s rich history of academic excellence and community leadership. It provides current students with excellent role models and examples of the rewards of hard work and participation.

Nominations for New Wall of Fame Inductees

May be submitted to the school principal. Nominations are reviewed by the Runnymede Administration and the Alumni Committee. Upon approval of nomination, the nominee or nominee’s executor is invited to accept nomination which is then formally recognized in October Commencement Proceedings.

Inductees are presented with the Runnymede Wall of Fame Certificate.

Photo portraits and biographies of all inductees are displayed in the Wall of Fame Hallway near the Main Offices.

Connecting and Communicating with Alumni Members and Runnymede Peers

Facebook &Twitter

As of 2011, Runnymede CI introduced additional avenues of communicationfor current and former staff and students of Runnymede.

Visit our Runnymede Facebook Account and/or Twitter for:

Runnymede News.

Please note that you do not need personal Facebook or Twitter Accounts to access or use the Runnymede Accounts.



Come and enjoy yourself! Admission is free!

On Saturday May 6, 2017 Runnymede C.I. will be celebrating its 90th Anniversary-reunion and inviting former alumni, staff  and members of the community to commemorate this occasion. We are inviting you come, and participate in various events: admission is free.

This is an opportunity to reconnect with classmates in the decade rooms, meet up with former teachers and enjoy a student sponsored barbecue. An assembly will take place to recognize the school’s achievements during these 90 years.

Here is the schedule for the day:

12:00 –  5:00      General Registration and Information

12:00 –  1:30      B.B.Q. and Robotics demonstrations

12:00 –  5:00      Decade Rooms

3:00 –  4:00      Ceremonies Auditorium

4:00 –  5:00      Socializing (cafeteria)

Decade leaders are organizing individual evening events. More details at later time.

Please visit our Runnymede Remembered group on Facebook…